Christmas Invitation Wording Ideas


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Christmas is one of the most joyous events of the year. It is celebrated every year on 25th December to commemorate the birth of Jesus. People celebrate this event by throwing a Christmas party. They invite their family, friends and relatives to celebrate the joyous festival together. It is a terrific way to get into the spirit of the season.

Hosting a Christmas party is not as easy as it sounds. Many little details have to be managed. One of the most important elements is designing the party invitations. Party invitations are the first glimpse guests have into the party. It can be quite challenging to find the perfect invitations to notify all your friends and family. We have plenty of suggestions to make your party invitations great no matter what the party or theme of the event is.

DIY Christmas party invitations is a personal way to invite people to your party. If you are good at creativity and have a good knowledge of photo editing and text editing, then you can create your own printable invitations from the scratch. Here are some easy and creative ideas that you can use to make your own Christmas invitation cards.


Selection of the right wording for the invitation is very important. It sets the nature and theme of the event. It also lets your guests decide how to plan for the Christmas party. While choosing your wording, style, time and location of the event and the invitees should be considered. The fun and festive holiday message should lift their Christmas spirits.


While writing the invitation cards, you need to keep the party theme in mind. For example, if you are throwing a cookie exchange party or a Christmas tree trimming party, write invitations that make this clear to your guests. You can use artwork, photos and colors to emphasize the party theme and style. For example, you can stick pictures of cookies or Christmas trees for creating a cookie exchange party or a Christmas tree trimming party invitation. Here are some other invitation ideas according to the Christmas party theme.

Gift Wrapping Party

Gift-wrapping parties are productive holiday gatherings. It turns a tedious holiday task into a fun and festive celebration. For a gift-wrapping party, make an invitation adorned with colorful wordings and a clever message that will refer to the theme. You can use any of these invitation-wording ideas to come up with your own cheerful text.

We are all wrapped up in the Holidays!
Join us for present wrapping, refreshments, and holiday cheer!
Please bring some wrapping paper sheets to share with the group.

We are celebrating Christmas this year with a gift-wrapping party.
Please bring a piece of your favorite stationery and gifts you need to wrap for the holidays.


Join us for gift-wrapping, food, and fun!
You can bring any holiday gifts that you would like to wrap along
with the paper, stationery, and a dish to pass.

Traditional Holiday Party Invitation Ideas

Festive, music, films and friends are all that Christmas is about. You can never go wrong with a classic holiday party. Here are some invitation ideas if you are holding a traditional Christmas party.

Here comes the season to celebrate!
Lift your spirits at our Christmas party!

Join us for the Pointing’s Christmas celebration.
Make sure you come prepared for fun, music, dance, and dinner.

The most wonderful time of the year is coming.
Join the Smiths for our holiday party.
We are sure you will be filled with cheer!

Happy Holidays!
Join us for a Christmas celebration on the (insert date).

A time of reflection, a time for good cheer
A time for friends, family, and everyone dear
It is the special time of the year

Enjoy this Christmas with us
As we invite you and your kids to our
Annual Christmas Party
On (insert date and address)

Christmas comes but once a year,
Let us get together for some holiday cheer!
Cocktails and Appetizers
Sunday, December 24th
8:00 p.m. at (insert address)

Santa Claus is coming!
And your family is invited to join the festivities
As we, the Collins celebrate Christmas on 24 December at 1900 hours

Here comes the season to eat and make merry!
Just drop in for food and fun,
At our Christmas, party!

As we decorate, the Christmas tree and deck the halls,
We would like you to join us for an evening
Of merry making.
Hope you will be here on time, on the (insert date)

Office Holiday Party Invitation Ideas

Are you planning on holding an office party this year? Then here are some wording ideas that you can consider while preparing the invitation cards.

In appreciation for another profitable year
The company asks that you join us for our annual holiday office celebration.

Join us for an evening of fun, frolic and cheer in the company’s office Christmas party!

You are cordially invited to the annual office holiday party to witness warm spirits, bright conversion, and merry festivities.

Thank you for being a part of our progress!
Join the company for our annual office holiday celebration.

You are invited to join us for a night of celebration in honor of our company’s hard work and success.

Some Other Invitation Ideas

The Anniston family cordially invites you
To witness the magic and wonders of
The Christmas season at their residence.

We request the honor of your presence
To an evening of Christmas celebration
Dinner and caroling.
Merry Christmas!

Gear up for an evening of cheer,
while we celebrate the Christmas
with dinner and dance!
Come over to join the celebration
and fill your heart with glee!

The cookies are ready
and the cake is baked
Here comes the time to sit back and
have some fun and beer.
Just come on in and join
our Christmas celebration!

We have trimmed the Christmas tree
And hung the lights and
All we need now is your presence.
Just drop in for all the fun
at our holiday dinner party!

Please drop in for a
Toast and good cheer
To celebrate Christmas
And the coming New Year.

It’s Christmas Time!
We would love it if you could be our guest
at this special time of the year.
You’re cordially invited to
our annual Christmas party!

Christmas is round the corner…
So, let’s get together and celebrate!
You are warmly invited to join
the festivities and enjoy an evening
of food, fun, and good cheer.

It’s Christmas time now and
we cannot wait to share our happiness
with people near and dear to us.
Please join us for a jolly good dinner at Christmas on the (insert date) at (insert time).

Christmas is the time to celebrate
That’s’ why we are sending this invitation card to your way.
Come and join us in this Christmas party.
Let us make the Christmas Eve merry and joyful

Christmas is coming…
So, get in the mood and enjoy!
Come by for dinner and cocktails.
We’re sure you will have lots of fun this holiday!

It’s time for Christmas!
We hope you drop in to celebrate
with laughter and cheer.
You can even bring your homemade cookies!

We ask you to join us for
an evening of merriment at
our Christmas gathering.
Your presence will surely
Add to our holiday cheer!

We request the honor of
Your presence at our annual
Christmas Gala
To celebrate with
Loved ones so dear!


  • If you are inviting people from your office, then a more formal approach is appropriate. For an intimate gathering, funny or informal wording may be required to achieve the desired tone of your invitation.
  • You should ideally send out the invitations 2 to 3 weeks before the party. Your invitation card should bring out the Christmas spirit.
  • You must include all the details about the party like the name of the host, venue, date and other contact details on the card. Do not forget to mention whether it is only for the adults or if the kids are invited too.
  • If you are holding a themed party, then mention it clearly in your invitation. This will help your guests decide what to wear to the party. The Christmas party invitation theme should match the party theme.
  • Mention the best part of the party like the games, food and drinks.
  • Maintain consistency throughout the invitation. If you are adopting the formal tone, then stick to just formal tone for the invitation card. Similarly, if you are adopting an informal tone, then stick to that only.
  • Be as creative as possible while creating an informal invitation. Remember, do not let your creativity drift away from the actual reason of sending the invitation.

We hope you find this wording suggestion helpful. Choose your invite wording carefully as the wordings not only prepare the guests for the celebration, but also get them in the mood to party. You can customize these invitation ideas by adding information and details as per your need.


15 Fun and Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us. The season of snow angels, mistletoe, and Santa Claus! The season for stockings, gift giving and family gatherings. Of course I’m talking about Christmas! It’s the best time to spread love and goodwill to all. And when you think of Christmas, you think of kids eagerly waiting for Santa Claus. Kids playing on the snow. Kids just having fun during the holidays. Kids and Christmas just naturally go together. With that in mind, it’s really great to work with kids and give them crafts to express their creativity this holiday season. With that in mind, here are some Holiday crafts to keep your little ones busy this Christmas.


1. Easy Christmas Ornament Craft

This craft is so simple and easy to make. Very suitable for kids and toddlers. And all they’ll really need is colored construction paper, hole punch, some decorative stickers or anything like that and some string. Simply cut the circular shapes from the construction paper. Then stick the stickers on the round cut paper. And then punch holes at the top of the circles with the puncher. Tie up with the string and there you have your craft. This is perfect to include in your Christmas decorating ideas this year 2013.


2. Christmas Snowman

This is another simple craft which can be added with decorations of your choice. This snowman is great for the season.

What you’ll need:

Some writing and coloring materials like pencils, markers, and crayons.
Two googly eyes, and a button for the nose
wool or string for the mouth
button stickers or real buttons for the buttons on his body
a ribbon, cotton wool, and glue

Draw the outline of the snowman on some paper. Color the hat and cover the body with glue. Then stick the cotton wool on the body. Stick the buttons on the body and the eyes and nose and mouth on the face, and you have your Christmas Snowman.


3. Snowman Pencil Topper

With a little creativity you can make this great looking pencil topper The materials are very inexpensive but the result is very cute for the season. All you’ll need are foam balls, pencils, some old small lightbulbs, sequins, glue and some fabric. Firstly,stick the foam ball on the eraser end of the pencil. Then stick the old lightbulb on the ball for the nose. Glue the sequins on top of the light bulb to be the eyes. Just draw a smiling lips on the ball. Tie the fabric on the pencil to serve as Holiday ribbon. And there you have it!


4. Beaded Icicle Swirls

Create these cute icicle swirls which will look great hanging from your Christmas tree. All you need are sequins, tinsels and beads.

Firstly, cut the tinsel stem to around 6-inches and straighten it with your fingers. Then,slip the end of the stem into the hole of the sequin. Bend it to hold the sequin. String the beads on the stem.Stack themn top of the sequin so the sequin is at the end. Wrap the stem around a pencil to make it swirl and curl the top with your fingers to form a hook at the top of the stem. Hang and enjoy!


5. Snowman Hand Print Ornaments on Christmas Balls

What you’ll need:
Solid round ornament of any color you like
white, non toxic paint
paint brush

Have your child hold the ball ornament. And then while he’s holding it, trace his palm and fingers with the paint and paintbrush. Let it dry, and when done add any other touches you would like with stickers or papers. The finished product will be a ball looking like there are snowmen on it, provided by your little one’s little hand. Cute, and ideal for Christmas.


6. Reindeer Hat

First cut the construction paper into two strips. Glue the strips together and use your child’s head as a base so it will fit his or her head snugly. On another sheet of the construction paper, trace your kid’s hands. Cut and glue the hand outlines on the sides of the glued strips of construction paper. These will serve as the antlers.Now on the front, glue the googly eyes and pom pom. And you’re done! Your child will love wearing his or her new Reindeer Hat.


7. Clay pot Nativity

The finished product looks so cute. Little nativity scenes recreated using clay potts and other small items.

You’ll need:
scissors, heavy duty glue
fabric, mini clay pots and saucers
paint, paintbrushes, large and small wooden beads
markers and straw

First, paint the clay pots. You’ll be surprised at how they soak up paint and dry easily. Next, use the markers to draw faces on the large wooden beads. Glue some fabric onto the beads as scarves.Cover the bottom painted part with glue then attach the head. Paint the saucer to be used as the manger. Use a small wooden bead to be baby Jesus. Paint his face and glue some white fabric to be his cloth. Arrange them and you have your manger and Nativity scene Very cute!


8. Reindeer Ornament

What you’ll need:
craft sticks,pipe cleaner
brown paint
paint brush
pom poms
wiggly eyes, glue

First paint the craft sticks brown and let dry. Then form a triangle with them and let dry. The side pointing down will be the nose. Glue the pom pom there. On each side at the top glue the wiggly eyes. Wrap the pipe cleaners on the top craft stick to form the antlers and you’re done! You now have your reindeer ornament.


9. Pom pom Christmas Tree

First draw the outline of a Christmas tree on paper. Cut then glue the green craft foam all over the body of the tree. At the bottom glue the brown pom pom to form the base. At the top glue the yellow pom pom ast the star. Glue all over the colored pm poms as the ornaments. Let dry and you’re done! You’ve formed a Christmas tree.


10. Christmas Pencil Decoration Craft

Sharpen the pencils and arrange from the shortest on both ends to the longest in the middle. Glue together the pencils. Glue on top the foam star and attach the pipe cleaner on top of the star. Your decoration is now complete.


11. Christmas Candy Cane

A very simple craft your kids can make using cheerios or fruit loops, and pipe cleaner. To hold the spiral cereals in place make a spiral at the end of the pipe cleaner. String the cereal on the pipe cleaner and curve it to make the the candy cane shape. And you have your Christmas candy cane.


12. Rudolf Reindeer from hand cut outs

With brown colored paper, simply trace the outlines of your child’s hands. Then cut out a Popsicle like shape from the paper. Cut out your hand outlines as well and glue on the back of the Popsicle shape the hand outlines. Add googly eyes and red paper for the nose and mouth Mount and you are done! This can be included to your Christmas tree decorating ideas for the year 2013.


13.Homemade Christmas Memories Ornament

A very simple yet very sweet and memorable craft. Simply purchase a Christmas Ornament of silver color. And write down all the happy memories you have had with you and your kids. Other variations could be writing funny events, short christmas poems, christmas wishes or achievements.


14.Beaded Christmas Wreath Ornament

String on the gold pipe cleaner 6 green beads and then 1 red bead. Repeat this pattern 7 times. Form into a circle then at the center leave one row of the green beads. This will be the candle on the wreath. Use the gold thread to hang it and you now have a Christmas craft wreath ornament.


15. Christmas Toy Soldiers

A very simple yet cute and appealing craft for kids to do this Christmas. Simply buy some whittling blocks from the craft or hardware store, paint with Craft paint and add some drawing with markers and glue pom poms on top for the hats and your Christmas soldiers are complete.

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