12 Romantic Birthday Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Women are normally the ones being wooed and swept off their feet. It is a wonderful feeling and experience that every girl would love to experience. So why should guys miss out on being overwhelmed as well? Show your love for your boyfriend with these romantic birthday ideas that he will never forget.

Romantic Getaway


Time alone from the rest of the world will make his day extra special. Whether you take him away on a romantic trip or just catch a moment alone with him in the city, you can shower him with love and affection on his special day with these romantic getaway ideas.

  • Beach Getaway

One of the most romantic settings, you can cuddle together and be forever young on your beach getaway. Whether you are going to a luxurious resort or just simply backpacking in a secluded beach, your boyfriend will appreciate all the trouble you went through just to make his birthday celebration a memorable one.

  • Romantic Camping Trip

If your boyfriend is an adventure junkie, surprise him with a romantic camping trip. You can enjoy communing with nature and celebrating another year of his life out in the great outdoors.

  • Romantic Picnic

Your getaway doesn’t have to be some trip to an exotic location. It can be as simple as spending a romantic day in the park or lake and enjoying the rest of the day.

  • Romantic Carriage Rides

We never fail to fall for romantic carriage rides. So why are our men any different? They can enjoy the romantic ride around the city just as well. Surprise him with a romantic carriage ride on his special day and let him feel just as loved.

  • Romantic Dinner in the City

A romantic dinner never gets old. Treat your boyfriend on a particularly romantic dinner that overlooks the city. For a more dramatic effect, you can choose to use candlelight. Taking some time off from the world doesn’t necessarily mean having to go on a trip. It could simply mean enjoying the finer things in life and appreciating where we are at the moment.

Gift Ideas


Birthdays wouldn’t be complete without a present for sure. We could get our boyfriends the latest gadget that they always wanted or some other masculine thing that they like. But we can add a bit of our flavour into the gifts that we give them by giving them sweet and romantic gifts as well.

  • Birthday Coupons

You normally would be extra nice and super sweet to your boyfriend on his birthday. He could really appreciate this and may wish that everyday is his birthday. So why not give him a chance to experience this by giving him fun birthday coupons that he can use on other days?

  • Reasons Why I Love Him

Let him know how much and why you love him with this homemade birthday gift for him. Collect  cardboard where you can write the reason why you love him. In the end, you may write your own personal happy birthday wishes on it. Bind it using clip or huge metal ring. This is probably one of the sweetest gift he could ever get on his birthday.

  • Sweet Couple Picture

While you may want to go overboard and give him a photo album filled with all your pictures, sticking with a single picture of your best moment together could be the best choice. No matter how tough and masculine your boyfriend could get, he may sneak the picture in his work desk just because it cheers him up.

  • Couple Gifts

There are a lot of couple gifts that you could give your boyfriend. However, if he isn’t the type to be spotted in public wearing a couple shirt, you can give him something more private like a pair of his and her pillowcases. Don’t forget to give him some birthday cards that will complement to your birthday gift.

  • His Girlfriend

The best gift of all? Why it would be you! One of best surprise that you give your boyfriend will be spending the entire day with him and letting him know how special he is and how much you love him.

Dining Ideas


They say that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. So let’s indulge him on his birthday with these romantic dining ideas  that will leave him happy and full.

  • Breakfast in Bed

Who can resist breakfast in bed? Your boyfriend will love being pampered and fed in bed with all his favourite food.

  • Birthday Cake

Everyone deserves a birthday cake. Surprise your boyfriend with the most elaborate design to cheer him up. Thankfully, there are a lot of masculine designs for cake now that will make him feel like a stud even when he is eating his cake.

  • Steak Dinner

We know how much our boyfriends love steak. On his birthday, indulge him with the most succulent and delicious steak that you can find.