Crafty and Yummy Easter Crafts for Kids

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Like most other holidays and festival this one is also for kids though adults enjoy as much but kids are the ones for whom Easter means mystery, gardens, eggs and chocolate ones at that. Children are like flowers; flowers bloom when watered and children are bloom when they are treated with candies. Kids love Easter almost as much as they love Christmas if not more because both are related to gifts and happy memories. Kids want the Easter bunny to give them decorated eggs in beautiful, colorful baskets just like they want Santa Claus to send them gifts for behaving well.

There are just so many things that you could do for Easter and make it a more fun event for kids. Children are curious beings who love to jump around and run and waste energy that they have in abundance. So you have to make it a fun and worth remembering event for your kids and for that you have to come up with creative ideas to fulfill that purpose. But thanks to the internet we do not have to think of ideas anymore, we just have to switch on our computers and turn on one of the many search engines that are there for you and can have so many wonderful ideas for Easter that we would not have time to do them. schools are closed for Easters because it is a Christian holiday and this makes the kids even happier on Easter like on Christmas. But kids are fascinated by Santa more than Easter bunny probably.

Easter is a time to be happy and have fun. For adults Easter is important because they get to tell their children the story of Jesus Christ. The reason for celebrating Christmas is that it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ in whom Christians believe as the son of God. Jesus Christ died on Good Friday by crucifixion and on Easter Sunday he was born again which is a source of happiness for Christians. Before Easter Sunday comes a period of 40 days called Lent in which repentance and fasting is done and a 50 day period starts on Easter Sunday called Eastertide which is a time of joy. In the original Easter there were no bunny rabbits and chocolate eggs; these ideas have arisen from the pagan effects of centuries past, because of which Easter was modified and became more fun.

Candies for Kids on Easter

Easter is all about giving candy to kids. It mainly consists of chocolate eggs but also includes eggs which are covered by a layer of white chocolate and then decorated. It makes the eggs look attractive to kids because of the colors. Besides the eggs you can also give kids other candies not related to Easter but eggs are, hands down, the best and the most appreciated. They are easily available in shops especially during Easter time.

Baskets of Candies/Eggs for Kids

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

What would a child like more than a basket full of sweet candies which he can eat everyday because parents do not stop them as its Easter candy! Give your child and your neighbor’s children their own baskets of candies and decorated Easter eggs. You can out some reserved for the guests that you have over so they would feel like you have spent time on their arrival and made preparations especially for them.

Which kid does not want baskets of chocolate eggs? The answer to that is probably zero. Anything related to sweet, chocolates and candies and kids are attracted towards it like magnet. This is the power and influence of chocolates on them.

Toy Baskets for Kids

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Candies are stuff that kids gobble down easily and quickly without remorse, reluctance or regret. Because they are so greedy to finish the candy that they eat it more quickly than they normally would have done. This leaves them without candy and without happiness pretty quickly. Instead of the candy baskets you can give kids toy baskets so they could remain happier longer. A better idea would be to give the baskets filled with toys in addition to the candy baskets as that would grant all kids temporary as well as permanent satisfaction.

Egg Candles

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

There is no Easter without eggs whether they are in the form of bunny eggs or fake bunny chocolate eggs or in the form of candles. This makes it one of the best Easter craft ideas for kids. Like Santa and decorated trees are the traditional Christmas decorations similarly Easter is associated with eggs in all forms. The egg candles can be made at home and are loved by children. The wax can be used from previous old ones and the wick can be made at home; all you need to do is make them n them shape of eggs and you will have the perfect candles tat one could wish for.

Decorated Eggs for Kids

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Eggs can be decorated in different ways to make them look more attractive. They can be painted on in your kids’ favorite colors in different designs or they could be painted in a marble design with swirly lines and bold colors. You can also decorate eggs by making them your child’s favorite cartoon character like Superman and batman; you can even put a cape on the eggs to make it clearer. You can also make eggs in red or blue colors and then put eyes on them, a nose and a beak and you will be left with an angry birds egg for Easter!

Origami Bunny

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Origami is the art of making things out of paper without using any glue, tape or any other kind of adhesive. Since Easter Sunday is represented by the Easter bunny and his weird ability to lay eggs you can make origami bunny holders which would hold candy for kids. These will be a unique addition to your Easter decorations. And the candy in them would probably ruin them because kids would always be putting their hands inside but the effort would be worth the excitement of the kids. Find more origami crafts for Easter.

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